Our international competition Filcow will take place on Saterday 6 and Sunday 7 July. Over two full days, hundreds of participants from seven different countries give their best. In this way they show that they are ready to save lives, both in and along the water. Don't know what to expect? These 11 trails are on the program:

Surf Race

You run into the water and cross the surf, after which you swim a course of about 400 meters. Once you get back to the beach, you cross the finish line.

Board race

With a board at your side, you run into the sea, you jump on your board and paddle around the three buoys as fast as possible. After a course of about 600 meters you will arrive back at the beach and cross the finish line together with your board.

Beach flags

This elimination race tests your reaction speed and dexterity. The aim is to get one of the flags each round. But be careful! There is always one flag less than the number of participants. Each round, the person without a flag is eliminated until one flag and therefore one winner remains.

Beach sprint

In this sprint in the loose sand, you give everything you got for 90 meters to cross the finish line first.

Beach run

To test your endurance, you complete a two-kilometre course on the beach.

Surf ski race

With your surf ski at your side, you stand ready in knee-deep water. At the start signal, you jump into your surf ski as quickly as possible and sail a course of about 700 meters around the buoys as quickly as possible.

Oceanman/ Oceanwoman

This trial is the crown jewel of the open water competition. Here the four tests: surf race, board race, surf ski and beach sprint are combined into a whole. The order of the tests is determined by drawing lots. In this order, you complete all these parts one after the other, with a helper assisting you with the quick change of material. The athletes who can successfully complete this test can call themselves a real 'lifesaver'.

Rescue tube rescue

In this trail a rescue using a rescue tube is simulated. The “swimmer” runs into the sea and swims as fast as possible to his team's buoy. Arriving at the buoy, the swimmer signals the team, then the "rescuer" can depart. The rescuer runs into the sea with a lifebelt and flippers and swims to the buoy. Behind the buoy, the rescuer secures the swimmer in the rescue tube and takes him back to the beach. On the beach, the last two team members are ready to bring the rescued victim to safety and drag it across the finish line.

Beach relay

Together with three team members you alternately run 90 meters through the loose sand. You must pass a flag to the next runner before they cross the starting line.

Oceanman/ Oceanwoman relay

In this relay race you divide the oceanman/oceanwoman into four parts: surf race, board race, surf ski and beach sprint. Each part is taken by a different member of your team.

Board rescue

In a team of two you simulate a rescue with a rescue board. At the start signal you run into the water and swim as fast as possible to the buoy of your team. Once you arrive, signal your team member on the beach. This one leaves with a rescue board and paddles to behind the buoy, where the two of you get on the board. Together you go back to the beach and both of you cross the finish line with the rescue board.

Mixed ocean lifesaver relay

In this mixed relay you swim, board, ski and run an M-shaped course with your team. This way you don't have to go in and out of the water once, but twice.


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